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Vinyl Fence in Grafton, WV

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In Grafton, we’re proud of our rich natural resources, historical buildings, and national cemetery. Visitors and residents can enjoy hiking, fishing, boat tours, and more at Tygart Lake State Park, visit the Brinkman Block or Cohen Building, and visit the Grafton National Cemetery Memorial Day Weekend for night tours.

At Alco Fence Company, we’re happy to help our neighbors with vinyl fencing in Grafton, WV. For over 50 years, our family-owned and -operated fence contracting company has helped install new fences for homes, farms, and businesses in West Virginia. Contact us today to schedule a free quote appointment.

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What Is Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl fencing consists of molded PVC planks or panels meant to emulate the look of traditional wood fencing. While white is the most popular color, vinyl fencing offers a range of color options, including tan, gray, clay, khaki, and more.

You can also get vinyl fencing in a smooth finish or wood-grain molded texture. Vinyl fencing offers several styles for fencing installation, including post-and-rail fencing, solid privacy fencing, louver fencing, and picket fencing.

Vinyl is a durable material that resists several weather conditions well. Vinyl fencing can stand up to high winds, heavy rain, UV rays, heat, and more. It has been a popular choice on farms for years as it can handle large animals leaning on fences and deters cribbing and chewing by horses, which usually prefer biting wood fence posts.

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing in Grafton

While wood fences can rot, mold, or attract pests, vinyl will look beautiful for years without decaying, warping, or fading. While vinyl fencing installation can be pricy, the durability of this fencing allows it to last for 25 years or more with very little upkeep.

Some benefits of vinyl fencing include:

  • Low-maintenance. Vinyl resists most destructive forces and only occasionally needs some soap and water to remove yard debris buildup or scuffs from your lawnmower tires.
  • Style options. Vinyl fencing offers several fencing solutions, including solid privacy fencing panels, picket fencing for a traditional look, and post-and-rail fencing, which is popular for farms to build corrals and pens.
  • Durable. PVC vinyl fencing can withstand direct sunlight without weathering, warping, or fading. It won’t rot, decay, or attract pests like wood fencing and won’t corrode or rust like wrought iron or steel fencing.
  • Attractive. Vinyl fencing can increase curb appeal for your home or business with an attractive fence to hide unsightly features and reduce visual clutter.

Ornamental aluminum fences offer the durability of metal fencing with low maintenance and customizable options.

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    • We got estimates from different companies, but I’m glad we went with Alco Fence of White Hall. Robert and his team are fantastic! They are professional and do a great job. Rusty and Chris ensure everything is perfect before they leave. It is hard to find people who take pride in their work and in treating customers right, but we found both with Alco Fence!

      -Robin Elkins
    • Great group of guys and great work done. I knew little about having a fence installed, Robert and his team took the time to answer all my questions and were very patient. I hired them, and they were in and out in no time and did a great job on my privacy fence. Any future work I have done I'm calling these guys because they're so easy to work with!

      - Dane Franz
    • Looks great and exactly what we wanted! They were fast, on time, and followed the project plan perfectly.  A few months out we had one post loosen up - but after making them aware they said it was no issue to reset (that’s the point of the warranty!). Their sales approach and warranty is why I chose to go with them... and I’m happy I made that choice now.

      -Megan Poling
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