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Commercial Chain Link Fencing In West Virginia Area

When you need quality commercial chain link fence installation and maintenance for your business in the West Virginia area, don’t hesitate to call Alco Fence Company.

Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
Commercial Chain Link Fencing Project
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If you’re in the market for quality commercial chain link fencing in West Virginia, you’ve come to the right place. Alco Fence Company is the name you can trust for the right solutions to your commercial chain link fencing needs. With over 50 years of experience in the fencing industry, the company has plenty of expertise and know-how to do the job right.

Alco specializes in every aspect of fencing, from design and execution to maintenance and warranty. Whether you need top-notch chain link installation or maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Our team can help you find the perfect chain link fence to fit your needs, preferences, and budget.

Need to boost security with access control systems for your commercial establishment? Look no further than Alco Fencing Company.

The Benefits of Commercial Chain Link Fencing

As a business owner looking to fence your property, you have plenty of options to browse. However, chain link fences stand out from other fencing options. Typical benefits of installing a commercial chain link fence include:

  • Visibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Quicker installation than many other types of fencing

Knowing The Components of a Chain Link Fence System

A chain link fence has a simple structure, which makes it durable enough to last years. The key components include:

  • Fabric: The wire or mesh forms the fence by weaving a series of spirals to create a diamond pattern. Chain link fabric is available in various sizes and gauges.
  • Framework: The framework typically includes two major components: the posts and the top rail
  • Selvage: This refers to how the top and bottom of the chain link fabric are finished. Common selvage types are knuckle and barbed. Knuckle is more rounded and thus safer, while barbed has sharp ends that make the fence suitable for high-security applications.

Make the exterior of your business stand out with a commercial ornamental fence. Contact us to learn more about how these attractive fences can grow your foot traffic.

Chain Link Fence Accessories

Depending on your project, you may wish to add a few accessories to your fence. Our team of experts can provide more details for the following items upon request.

  • Privacy: Fence slats add privacy to your chain link fence, act as a sound barrier, and help beautify your fence.
  • Colors: Available in green, and black our colored chain link fencing options offer the perfect choice for property owners who need a fence that delivers the strength of a chain link while blending beautifully with the environment.

Secure your commercial property with an affordable and attractive chain link fence from Alco Fence Company. Call today at

844-308-8575 or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no obligation estimate on commercial chain link fence in the West Virginia area.

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    • We got estimates from different companies, but I’m glad we went with Alco Fence of White Hall. Robert and his team are fantastic! They are professional and do a great job. Rusty and Chris ensure everything is perfect before they leave. It is hard to find people who take pride in their work and in treating customers right, but we found both with Alco Fence!

      -Robin Elkins
    • Great group of guys and great work done. I knew little about having a fence installed, Robert and his team took the time to answer all my questions and were very patient. I hired them, and they were in and out in no time and did a great job on my privacy fence. Any future work I have done I'm calling these guys because they're so easy to work with!

      - Dane Franz
    • Looks great and exactly what we wanted! They were fast, on time, and followed the project plan perfectly.  A few months out we had one post loosen up - but after making them aware they said it was no issue to reset (that’s the point of the warranty!). Their sales approach and warranty is why I chose to go with them... and I’m happy I made that choice now.

      -Megan Poling
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